Roundhouse Newsletter Edition #4: New Private Car Trip Announced: Dome Car Ride for Just $75! Tickets Going Quick!

The Midwest Rail Rangers will partner with the Friends of the 261 on May 19, 2019!

The Midwest Rail Rangers will be partnering up with the Friends of the 261 once again coming up this spring!  Did you know that the Friends of the 261 was one of the original two private car partners with the Midwest Rail Rangers (the other partner is Zephyr Route Tours!).  In fact, five years before the Midwest Rail Rangers was even founded MRR President Robert Tabern was working with Friends of the 261 Steve Sandberg to provide route guides and route narration on various excursions across the Upper Midwest.


Well… get your calendars and credit cards out… because the Midwest Rail Rangers will be part of the Friends of the 261’s “Windy City Express”… which will operate on the back of Amtrak’s Empire Builder in about two-and-a-half months from now.


The eastbound portion of the excursion will depart St. Paul Union Depot in Minnesota on the morning of Thursday, May 16, 2019… en route to Milwaukee and Chicago later that afternoon.  You will have two days to explore around Chicago at your own pace.  The westbound portion of the excursion will depart Chicago Union Station in Illinois on the afternoon of Sunday, May 19, 2019… en route to Milwaukee later that afternoon and on to St. Paul, Minnesota later that evening.


This trip has been designed by the Friends of the 261 to be easily accessible for anyone living in the Twin Cities, Milwaukee, or Chicago… You can ride the entire round-trip between the Twin Cities and Milwaukee or Chicago on May 16th & May 19th for just $279 per person. Or ride one-way for $199 per person.  “Short haul” tickets are also available between Milwaukee and Chicago on May 16th… and between Chicago and Milwaukee on May 19th for just $75 per person.  What a great deal to ride in a vintage dome car!


The Midwest Rail Rangers will be participating in this excursion only on Sunday, May 19th between Chicago-Union Station, IL and Milwaukee, WI.  We will have three of our Interpretive Guides available to greet passengers at Union Station… and then we will be doing narration for the first 85 miles of the trip. Come out and learn about the rich history of Chicago… see the famous “Ferris Bueller Water Tower”‘… learn about the Armour Estate, which the train passes through… and what’s up with all the fields of cabbage in Racine County?  We’ll share more Milwaukee trivia and lore as we wind our way up across the Wisconsin border.  Free route guide handouts will be provided to all passengers who want one… we will also be selling our Chicago-Milwaukee ($20) and Chicago-St. Paul ($15/$35) route guide books so you will know about the rest of your journey up to the Twin Cities that evening.

$75 is a very good price for this one-way journey between Chicago and Milwaukee on Sunday, May 19th. We would love to fill up the whole dome car of fans who enjoy listening to the Midwest Rail Rangers On-Board Educational Programs!

The Friends of the 261’s new dome car “Silver Palace” will be featured on the eastbound trip to Chicago on Thursday, May 16th… while both “Silver Palace” and the Milwaukee Road full-length Super Dome will be featured on the westbound trip on Sunday, May 19th where the Midwest Rail Rangers will be narrating.

Tickets are expected to SELL OUT with-in weeks with this great $75 price between Chicago and Milwaukee… so call your friends… and make reservations very soon!!!   We do have one favor to ask though — when purchasing your tickets and when you ride — please tell the Friends of the 261 staff that you heard about this trip through the Midwest Rail Rangers. The more folks who mention the Rail Rangers… makes our partnership with our private car partners that much stronger… and that helps our 501(c)(3) non-profit group to have our guides on more excursions like this.


The Midwest Rail Rangers is also a proud supporter of the Friends of the 261’s North Pole Express Train. Every year, our Interpretive Guides put down their microphone for a day and help entertain passengers on this annual holiday steam train ride in St. Paul. We will be heading up there and working the train on Saturday, December 7, 2019 this year!  Tickets will go on sale this fall, but mark your calendar now and plan to join us for this special weekend, which serves as the most important fundraiser for Friends of the 261.

Finally — look for a very special edition of “The Roundhouse” coming out NEXT WEEK. We have some very exciting news to share about our future… as we transition into our own independent non-profit organization.