Private Car Trip Added! Midwest Rail Rangers Goes Hollywood… Hollywood Beach, that is!


Hopefully you got the very special edition of our E-Newsletter on Wednesday morning. However, in case you missed the BIG NEWS… we are proud to announce that the Midwest Rail Rangers is now its own independent 501(c)(3) educational non-profit.  With a headquarters much closer to where our private rail car trips, South Shore Line public trips, Amtrak coach charters, and outreach events are… we look forward to serving you even better than we have before. The Rail Rangers had been part of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation for almost the past four years now… but it is time to spread our wings. We wish them well in their future endeavors. And thank you to everyone who has shared a kind word or two in the past couple of days — or has opened up their wallets and made a donation so our general fund we can be off to a good start.

But… that is not all!

In order to celebrate this big change, we are hoping to do our first on-board educational program outside of the Upper Midwest!  That’s right — the Midwest Rail Rangers are heading to the Deep South! (But no, we won’t be changing our name again!)  We want to take YOU and seven others along for the ride.

The Midwest Rail Rangers is in a test partnership agreement with Keith White, the owner of private car “Hollywood Beach”, for a once-in-a-lifetime trip down to the Big Easy.

That’s right — New Orleans.


This special trip will leave from Chicago Union Station on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 8:00pm. You will ride in style on the back of Amtrak’s famed “City of New Orleans” train. You will sleep good knowing you’re riding down the historic Illinois Central — more than 300 miles down to the far southern tip of Illinois.  From there, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump across the Ohio River into Kentucky… and by the time you are waking up on Wednesday, May 1st, you will be in Memphis, Tennessee. Sit back and relax during the morning hours as the train passes through the Delta Region of Mississippi. By the time lunch rolls around… you’ll be crossing into Louisiana.  Be on the lookout for gators… sometimes you can see them along the tracks as you ‘round Lake Pontchartrain.  “Hollywood Beach” will be your unforgettable “hotel on wheels” for the evenings of Wednesday, May 1st… Thursday, May 2nd… and Friday, May 3rd at New Orleans’ trains station. Come and go as you want.  There’s a lot of options to sightsee around New Orleans (and do we dare mention there are a lot of street cars to ride, too?).

The Midwest Rail Rangers will join in on the festivities in New Orleans on the afternoon of Saturday, May 4th. Two of our Interpretive Guides will ride aboard “Hollywood Beach” to present an on-board educational program between New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee as you begin your northbound journey home. We’ll talk swamps, jazz music, Civil War history… and a lot more. As they say… not knowing what you are seeing out your window on a train ride… is like watching the Travel Channel or History Channel on mute. Your trip will come to life as you learn about all of the interesting small towns the train passes through in Southern Louisiana and South and Central Mississippi.  The trip comes to a close on the morning of Sunday, May 5th… as we all roll back into the Windy City of Chicago!


Since the Midwest Rail Rangers was founded in July 2015, we have never attempted to do an on-board educational program outside of the Upper Midwest… and it may be a very long time before it ever happens again. We would love to teach you and your fellow passengers about this exciting region of our country. But, you need to act now!  Why?  We want this trip to be an intimate experience for our passengers — so ticket sales will be limited to just the first eight people who respond. Yes, only eight people will get to go on this fantastic and memorable trip with the Midwest Rail Rangers to learn all about the Deep South and New Orleans.

And how could we not mention the fantastic private car, “Hollywood Beach”?  It is a five-bedroom lounge car with two shower facilities, no less than 24 pieces of beautifully framed railroad art-work depicting scenes of its Seaboard Air Line heritage. It is equipped with TV, DVD, CD, and radio reception, as well as electrical outlets dispersed throughout the car.  The solarium lounge, where our on-board educational program will take place on Saturday, May 4th from New Orleans to Memphis, offers new tinted glass throughout… including the dome.  The views equal or exceed any rail transit car in the world. There is even a large library of books, official guides, and timetables of the Seaboard Air Line.


The fare is a very reasonable $2,995 per person, double occupancy for one of the bedrooms on “Hollywood Beach”.  (Remember, you will be saving a lot of money by sleeping on the car in New Orleans instead of paying for a high-priced hotel room on Bourbon Street!  Plus, sleep soundly at the station away from the noisy crowds and bars when it’s time to retire.)

In order to make this trip “a go”, the Midwest Rail Rangers need all eight spots to be sold… but we’re hoping that this won’t be a problem thanks to you.  We would love to come and put on a special on-board educational program away from our home region and to have you be a part.  Remember —- with the restrictions that Amtrak put on private car moves about a year ago —– these type of trips out of Chicago are becoming more and more rare.  Jump on this chance before it might be too late someday in the future.


Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization — the Midwest Rail Rangers will only be presenting the on-board educational program on “Hollywood Beach”; we are not allowed to sell tickets for this excursion.  If you are interested in going, please contact:  Mr. Keith R. White, 2904 Chevy Chase Lane, Naperville, IL  60564.  If you have questions, you should e-mail Mr. White at  E-mail is preffered, but he can also be contacted by calling (708) 446-1269.   Checks should be made payable to “Keith’s Rail Way, LLC”.


We apologize for the short notice of this private car trip — but we were waiting until we got out official clearance we were a 501(c)(3) non-profit… and that just happened earlier this week.

If you live near St. Louis, there is a boarding option for you at St. Louis Gateway Terminal for the same price. This car will be “dead-heading” to Chicago on April 29th and “dead-heading” back home to St. Louis on May 6th.  Limited space may be available for day passengers, however we really want riders to join us for the whole run — especially for our narration on the afternoon of Saturday, May 4th between New Orleans and Memphis.