Roundhouse Newsletter Edition #18 — Working with Our Partners to Plan 2020 Excursions — January 19, 2020

January, February, and even into early March might come across to our followers as a “slow time” for the Midwest Rail Rangers… because our public schedule is really just dotted with a few South Shore trips… and that’s about it. While that is true to a degree… things are really at their busiest “behind the scenes” this time of the year for our Board of Directors. We have been working hard with all of our partners over the past few weeks to discuss what trips and events worked well in 2019… how we can improve on what we did last year… and what fun and exciting things we will be working together towards in the year ahead. Right now, we are just a few weeks away from announcing some of our first trips for 2020 that you will want to mark on your calendar and snag reservations for. We invite you to come out to the 2020 Mad City Rail Show on Saturday, February 15, 2020 and Sunday, February 16, 2020 to meet some of our Board Members and participate in the reveal of some of our destinations and trips for the coming year. If you’re not able to make it up to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI that weekend… we will send you the information in our next E-Newsletter!

Our areas of focus for 2020 will continue to be our onboard educational programs that are offered on the South Shore Line approximately two to three weekends per month year-round. Our volunteers enjoy presenting programs for passengers on this line because there is always so much to talk about going on outside the windows. In just 90 miles, or a little over two hours, we travel from the third largest city in the country (Chicago) to the rural farmlands of St. Joseph County. Along the way, we are passing through four state park areas, two units of the National Park Service, and two affiliated NPS units. We will be working with the Indiana Dunes State Park more closely in 2020 to train our Midwest Rail Rangers volunteers — more details on this coming out soon in a future E-Newsletter!

Another area of focus in 2020 for the Midwest Rail Rangers is expanding our partnership with our friends at the family-owned Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad in Trego, Wisc. As you probably know, to become a truly “Midwest” (and not just a Chicago) organization, we moved our headquarters last month to Northwest Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Great Northern acquired a Santa Fe Hi-Level Lounge Car / Amtrak Pacific Parlour Car last year. We did a couple of ‘test runs’ with them on weekends in which we created displays aboard the car featuring Santa Fe and Amtrak sistory. These event were a great success and featured between 200 and 300 visitors who traveled from all across the area to see our displays. We look forward to hosting more events aboard the WGNRR’s Sky Parlour in 2020.  We hope to have some firm dates worked out soon. Rides on the Sky Parlour will begin in early May 2020. This is a fun and growing railroad — and is well worth the drive up from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.

We will also be working with the 20th Century Railroad Club of Chicago again… with our Interpretive Guides riding along and providing narration on many of their 2020 excursions once again. We have worked with their management and trip organizer team and have narrowed down our list of 2020 destinations. Trips will include a round-trip down to St. Louis in the spring… a trip to Galesburg and Peoria in June… and the premiere trip of the season will likely be a September four day, three night trip to several tourist railroads in Northwest Wisconsin and Minnesota. Plus, much more!   Stay tuned… as will begin promoting our 20th Century RR Club partner trips next month.

And last but not least — we will continue to provide our signature educational programs on private rail excursions in 2020, as well. As you may know… we founded the Rail Rangers almost 5 years ago now with the sole goal of providing programs on private rail excursions. However, in 2018 and 2019, Amtrak put severe restrictions on private car movements… while also exponentially increasing the cost for the fine men, women, and groups who own these cars. This does not look like it will change for 2020 at this point. With that said, know we are committed to working with our private rail partners as much as possible over the coming year to help design and promote their trips as much as we can. Whenever one of these trips is announced, we will send out special E-Newsletters so you on our supporters list can get the first dibs on tickets.


Robert Tabern, MRR President

& the Midwest Rail Rangers Board of Directors


2020 Donations Welcome!

In addition to the beginning quarter of every year being very busy “behind the scenes”… it is also the time of the year that the Midwest Rail Rangers incurs some of its biggest expenses. In fact, our single biggest regular expense every year is our insurance policy which comes up for renewal every February.. Many of our partners require the RailRangers to have a pretty pricey liability insurance policy in place. Without it… we wouldn’t be allowed on their railroad equipment to provide the talks, narration, and educational activities that you have come to enjoy.

Donations (cash, charge, Paypal, etc.) in ANY amount are appreciated and will help fund our on-board educational programs. And of course, with the Midwest Rail Rangers being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization… the amount you donate is tax deductible. We are more than happy to provide a donation receipt upon request.

The best way to make a donation is to head to our website… Then, click on the icon in the lower left side that says “Support our Onboard Educational Programs” / “Make a Donation – Click Here”. Credit cards and Pay Pal are accepted here.

You can also just click the link at the TOP or BOTTOM of this E-Newsletter.

We also accept donations of historical railroad memorabilia!  If you have something that you think might be of interest to our organization, contact our Board of Directors at If the donation is needed, it will be fully tax deductible at fair market value. Earlier this year, we had a gentleman from Indiana donate his collection of nearly 100 old South Shore Line timetables. Currently, we are in need of items relating to the South Shore Line (especially from the 1920’s to 1940’s era)… and anything relating to the Santa Fe Hi-Level lounge cars and Amtrak’s Pacific Parlour Cars.
We put these items on display during select onboard educational programs and outreach events so everyone can enjoy them.

Winter & Early Spring 2020 South Shore Dates Posted

While the winter and early spring is often the “quiet time” for the Midwest Rail Rangers (this allows us to focus on working with our private rail and other partners and re-doing our rail route guides)… our South Shore Line programs continue two to three weekends per month. Having a year-round presence on a railroad is something that is very important to our organization.

Program dates through April 30, 2020 are posted at

All eastbound programs begin at 8:40am CST out of Millennium Station at Michigan & Randolph in Downtown Chicago.  All westbound programs begin at 1:05pm EST out of South Bend Airport. You can of course join us at any point along the route — but note seating is ONLY available on a first come, first serve basis.