Roundhouse Newsletter Edition #22 — COVID-19 Statement & Schedule Update 2 — April 11, 2020

April 11, 2020

Dear Friends,

First, we want to thank you for your support during this difficult time. We have received many e-mails and phone calls over the past three or four weeks — with people asking how they can support the Midwest Rail Rangers — and making a pledge to ride with us once again when it is safe to take leisure train trips again. We appreciate that very much. In the next section of this E-Newsletter, we will provide you with some options on how you can help support our 501(c)(3) non-profit in the trying weeks ahead.

Second, we at the Midwest Rail Rangers always like to be optimistic. While you may have noticed that some organizations are cancelling things already for the entire summer… or even the rest of the year… we have decided NOT to take such drastic steps at this point. We think it’s important that whenever we are safely allowed to return to whatever our new normal will be… that the Midwest Rail Rangers will be there for you. We want to be back on the rails and giving you on-board educational programs whenever it is possible to do so in consultation with our partners and following all CDC recommendations.

So, with that in mind — two important scheduling updates:

We have decided to cancel all on-board educational programs through at least May 22, 2020 at this point.  (We had previously cancelled all programs through April 30, 2020).

But, with that — we are releasing our full tentative summer schedule, as well, for the South Shore Line, the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad, the 20th Century Railroad Club of Chicago, our private rail partners, and various outreach events.

At this point, all programs scheduled after May 22, 2020 ARE DEFINITELY considered “a go” … however the Midwest Rail Rangers Board will re-convene in about three weeks from now and re-evaluate and adjust the schedule accordingly depending on what is going on with the COVID-19 virus.

Please continue to monitor our website, e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and updates, as needed. (Some decisions, especially those made by our partner railroads are out of our Board’s hands — and will be updated as we get them.)

We wish you and your family well. If you have any questions about this, feel free to send an e-mail to us at:


Midwest Rail Rangers Board of Directors

Robert Tabern, President

Bob Neil, Vice President

Dave Poole, Treasurer

Kathy Bruecker, Secretary

Kandace Tabern, Educational Officer



Like many businesses and other non-profit around the country, the Midwest Rail Rangers are also struggling to a degree during this uncertain period. While our Interpretive Guides are not on the train giving programs… and we are not able to do outreach events (which serve as our major fundraisers)… our bills continue to roll in. We have to continue to pay things like our liability insurance, maintenance on our speakers systems an other equipment, website hosting, and much more. We have had several people call and e-mail and ask how they can still show support for the Midwest Rail Rangers during this time. There are several options. Our website ( allows you to make a direct donation of any amount — simply click on the button on the lower left-hand side of the screen. You can also show your support for the Midwest Rail Rangers by purchasing one of our railroad route guide books, PDF e-books, MP3 podcasts, wood depot signs, and much more. The Midwest Rail Rangers Store’s online page can be reached by just heading over to We also understand that some people who are on a limited income or have lost their jobs can’t do either — and we get it. Just an encouraging word — or e-mail with a pledge to ride with us again when this all over… is always appreciated too. Stay well and thank you for your continued support.