Roundhouse Newsletter Edition #36 – 9/21/2021: Rail Rangers & 20th Century RR Club Heading to Indiana, Michigan, Springfield IL

uesday, September 21, 2021

Over the past six years, the Midwest Rail Rangers have been partners with the 20th Century Railroad Club of Chicago, which plans excursions to fun locations across the region. Guides with the Midwest Rail Rangers ride along on the trip to provide route guide handouts to passengers, serve as car hosts, and even give an onboard educational program with narration about everything that is going on outside the window. Joe Kuczysnki, who serves as both a Midwest Rail Rangers Guide and 20th Century Board Member, coordinates efforts.

While the COVID-19 Pandemic put a stop to trips in 2020… two excursions are planned for this fall.

The 20th Century Railroad Club reports that next Saturday’s trip (September 25) to Michigan and Indiana is now totally SOLD OUT. Passengers will ride both Amtrak’s Wolverine train and the NICTD’s South Shore Line to visit the National New York Central Museum and Studebaker Museum. Midwest Rail Rangers Vice President Robert Neil will serve as Interpretive Guide on this trip.

There is still limited availability on the October 23 trip to Springfield, Illinois. This day trip to Illinois’ Capitol City leaves Union Station at 9:25am and arrives back at 8:40pm. Passengers will have their chance to tour the Abraham Lincoln Library, National Historic Site, Old Courthouse, or much more during the four to five hours in Springfield, Illinois.

For more information and to make reservations click here:

During the months ahead, the 20th Century Railroad Club and the Midwest Rail Rangers will be planning out their 2022 schedule. This will include some day trips and possible one or two overnight trips across the area. If you have any ideas for trips you’d like us to consider, email us at: