Roundhouse Newsletter Edition #48 – 09/05/22 – Later this month, Join us for special ‘ Midwest Rail Rangers on the Road’ live programs in Indiana & Wisconsin

Monday, September 5, 2022

We hope you are enjoying the last few ‘drops’ of summer here… and trust that you are making special memories during this Labor Day weekend. Believe it or not, we saw a lot of trees starting to change color already in the drive between our headquarters in Northwest Wisconsin and where we are spending the weekend on the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula this weekend. (Hopefully you folks in Chicagoland will not see that for a few more weeks!)

Anyway, we wanted to take a moment and send a personal invitation to you… and your family and friends… to come join the Midwest Rail Rangers for some special in-person outreach programs that we will be doing later this month at the Indiana Dunes National Park in Northwest Indiana and near our headquarters location here in Northwest Wisconsin.

Midwest Rail Rangers President Robert Tabern and Midwest Rail Rangers Treasurer Kandace Tabern will host two presentations about their experiences visiting all 423 units of the National Park Service — with a lot of their travels to the parks taking place on trains, whenever possible. While some parks like Pullman National Monument and the Indiana Dunes National Park are pretty easy to access via automobile or even a hop on the Metra or South Shore Line, that is not the case other parks in the network.

The Taberns will share some of their exciting tales — which include having to hire private bush pilots to reach some of the remote Alaskan parks, a trek through a thick forest full of grizzly bears on the trails, and many other fun challenges in their travels. To reach the goal of visiting all 423 parks in just 10 years time, the Taberns had to travel to all 50 states and even most of the U.S. territories, like Guam, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

According to the National Park Travelers Club, who keeps track of such things, Midwest Rail Rangers President Robert Tabern and Midwest Rail Rangers Treasurer are just one of about 20 couples or individuals anywhere in the country who have managed to visit all 423 of the park units. They were recently awarded the lifetime platinum plaque award by the National Park Travelers Club for their extensive efforts to promote visiting our county’s national parks.

The Taberns will be giving two presentations in the weeks ahead; both of the presentations are the same, however, since the Midwest Rail Rangers coverage area is so large, we are will be doing one in Indiana and one 450 miles away in Wisconsin, too.

The Taberns will speak at 7:00PM CDT on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at the IDNP Visitor Center (1215 N State Rd 49, Porter, IN 46304).

Robert will also speak at 5:30PM CDT on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at the Frederic (Wisconsin) Public Library (127 Oak Street in Frederic, Wisconsin). Kandace’s portions will be pre-recorded in this presentation.

Both events are free and open to the public. No need to RSVP.

While we encourage you to come out an see the presentations live… If you are not able to make it out, we plan to tape one of the shows and run them as one of our “Rail Rangers on the Road” virtual educational programs in late 2023.


The Midwest Rail Rangers Board of Directors

Robert Tabern, President

Bob Neil, Vice President

Kandace Tabern, Treasurer

Michael Pace, Secretary

Interpretive Guides:

Kathy Bruecker, Fred Glure, Joe Kuczynski and Lowell Olberg