Roundhouse Newsletter Edition #50 – 11/01/22 – Breaking News: National Park to become official sponsor of the Midwest Rail Rangers programs on the South Shore Line

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Happy November everyone… we hope you had a good time with all of the Trick or Treaters coming to your door yesterday. Our favorites are always the kids who are dressed as conductors and engineers, of course!

Anyway, what a way to celebrate our 50th E-Newsletter!

the Midwest Rail Rangers have two major pieces of news to share with you and our other fellow supporters this month. In fact, there is so much news to share — we will be sending you TWO e-Newsletters this month. (As you know, that is rare… as we try and usually send you only one message per month, as not to clog-up your inboxes).

We will announce the first bit of news today… and then follow up with more news next week sometime.

Our first bit of news is that the National Park Service and the Midwest Rail Rangers have signed a formal partnership agreement, where the Indiana Dunes National Park will become an official sponsor of our talks on the South Shore Line. Even though the Indiana Dunes State Park has been one of our sponsors since 2019, the Indiana Dunes National Park is just signing on now. Starting with our next program on November 26, 2022, all South Shore programs will also be sponsored by BOTH the national park and state park. This is super exciting. We wish to thank National Park Service Ranger J.P. Anderson for his support and getting this accomplished. We also want to thank Bruce Rowe and the Superintendent of the Indiana Dunes National Park.

Please take a moment and read the formal release below. And yes, stay tuned for more news and another special e-newsletter next week, too.

The Midwest Rail Rangers Board of Directors

Robert Tabern, President
Bob Neil, Vice President
Kandace Tabern, Treasurer
Michael Pace, Secretary

Interpretive Guides:
Kathy Bruecker, Fred Glure, Joe Kuczynski and Lowell Olberg